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The Vamp Lord is dead, who weeps for the fallen.

A long time ago, a small group of 'monsters' banded together in a sanctuary to live mortal lives free of being hunted or hated by society. Two brothers protected and lead the group.Nearby towns provided services and well paid. Innocents around the...
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Alexis D'Amore34518Small Shelly 7y
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Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow

NickName: Blind Eyes Name: Frank BelcowSex: MaleAge: 30's-50's (Unsure, nobody knows his true age)Height: 6'Nationality: AmericanEthnic Background: CaucasianBuild: Skinny, Scarred and can tell has been torn apart in some areas then rehealedHair: M...
Small Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow 7y
Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow51084Small Darkweaver 7y
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Character Bio :)

No doubt many of you have seen the thread at the Secret World forums regarding character ideas. I've posted mine here, but maybe a good way of getting to know each other is for us to post up your initial ideas for your character ingame.Here's mine...
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