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Alexis D'Amore
A long time ago, a small group of 'monsters' banded together in a sanctuary to live mortal lives free of being hunted or hated by society. Two brothers protected and lead the group.

Nearby towns provided services and well paid. Innocents around the world were protected from the darkness by a supernatural element they never saw. Monsters protecting humans, how novel right?

This was the vision of the younger of the two brothers. He believed that having powers held them responsible to protect those whom could not protect themselves, even if the protector was hated for it. Love, even if it costs one's life.

The older brother saw humans as what they were. Savage, hungry, and all to willing to become 'demons' to get what they want. He wished to not deal with them at all, to live in quiet, peace, tranquility. Yet the older brother was so in love with the younger that he gave him everything he wanted and more.

They were betrayed by creatures who fed upon mortals. They were banished from the brother's estate. These creatures of darkness convinced the church that all there were evil, demons, and should be burned alive. A crusade was started, mainly by the church who saw this as an opportunity to seize land, and peasants who were jealous of the power there.

In the end, the younger brother was killed, the older went insane and killed thousands. The family of D'Amore was broken, and all members went into hiding. Even though the older brother was cursed by the Gods, and sealed away the majority of his power for his brother, he possessed one unique ability.

To live again, to die, and live, and die and live. Remembering previous events even though bodies changed. Eternally suffering all while remaining mortal. Alexis lives again, here, among those in the secret world as a Dragon.

One who is neither interested in good or evil. One who carries a promise to his brother. One whom seeks to rebuild in the image of what his brother wanted. Not caring if the monsters eat all humanity, or humanity kills itself off.

Soft spoken, who keeps his secrets close to his heart. Those whom wish to call him friend, call him Alexis, Vamp, or even Vamp Lord. Feeder of desire and emotions in exchange for being alone and to be in sorrow.

He walk the secret world, seeking his own path.
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This is the best biography piece I've read ever.
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Very nice:)
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