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NickName: Blind Eyes
Name: Frank Belcow
Sex: Male
Age: 30's-50's (Unsure, nobody knows his true age)
Height: 6'
Nationality: American
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Build: Skinny, Scarred and can tell has been torn apart in some areas then rehealed
Hair: Medium Long Silver/white Hair.
Eye Colour: Red eyes with smokey grey pupils
Skin Colour: Pale white

Distinguishing Features: There is scar marks all over his body, with tattoos covering his whole body except his face, most of them having very magik influenced designs, some even celtic or norse. There is a tattoo if a eye on his chest that will occasionally blink, and on his neck he has the words VADIMAS tattooed on as well.

Clothing: His most common appearance is of him in his white suit with a red tie, But he often will wear several other outfits that are comical, or bussiness like depending on his mood.

Skills: Blind Eyes has trained and mastered his ways in the occult,
knowing many arcane abilities and tricks to evade anyone who wishes to get him.
He also trained on the side his use of shotguns, just so if anyone wishes to get close to him hes got his backup "Get away from me" weapon. He often improvises,
never usually staying in close quarters combat and keeping on his feet. He is very agile, and was always a fast runner, seeing how he usually gets into trouble with many things that he cannot win against. Against most peoples perception of him, he is very smart in how he does things, and usually does certain things so people will not understand what hes doing.

Weapons and Gear/Equipment: The most he ever carries is his shotgun, a napkin, and a permanent marker. He carries nothing else except the clothes he wears, making him light weighted.

Supernatural Abilities: He has known his Super-natural Abilities most of his life, giving him a edge over the novice who join the Secret Society's. Hes been a dragon most of his life.

Interests and Goals: He never had a fixed goal. Not once. He was a circus freak for a while, a anarchist, a mime, ventriloquist, illusionist, and used to only walk on his tippy toes unless he fell over. Hes crazy, diabolical, and unpredictable. Most people would be insane to work with him, unless your insane. Or dragon. Because often, he is very useful for chaos.

Why Dragon?: From the very beginning, The dragon noticed him when he caused chaos in cities and started forest fires in california, and they wanted him for his inept ability to cause mayhem just about anywhere he goes. When he was offered to join, he only asked, "May I wear other colors than green?". Often, he is employed first just to simply be the element of chaos.

Background: Frank Belcow was born in Florence, Kansas, on top of a roof. He was not supposed to be born, as he was a accident. He was left there on that roof, and was later found by a criminal with a conscious. He was taken to a nearby orphanage, where he grew up mostly isolated because of his many mental issues and "disabilities" to interact. He had no disabilities.

He grew up with a abstract view of life, laughing at the darkness and often scaring people who wanted to adopt him away. When he turned 16, The orphanage kicked him out onto the street, where he willingly wanted to be. He got around florence, becoming a underground criminal with his first job being a circus freak. It wasn't the best world, and he was often beaten up or laughed at because of how different he was. He didn't care. He thought they laughed because they were telling him secret codes, so he was actually intrigued. He attempted to apply for a job as a accountant, but he wasn't even allowed in the building. People were terrified of him. And they should have been. He wanted to blow the building up. But he left, sadly.

His interaction with people is fairly limited, as many normal people find it hard to understand a person such as him. But he has quite the list of friends from the shadows, and secret corners of the world. When hes in a friendly mood, he often is funny to talk to, mainly because of the way he talks. He has a odd talent of knowing the level of activity in a persons brain from the way he hears the electricity going from one neural cell to the other, and he often addresses what that noise is, while nobody else can hear it. He has other abilities too, but those he usually keeps to himself, for only he can understand the voices inside his brain.
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Interesting bio - thanks for posting:)
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What a cool character! Well done!
I'll come up with a new signature once we have decided on the new logo and other matters.
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#4842223 Kalehon wrote:

What a cool character! Well done!

Thank you plenty!
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A well thought out Bio, nice ideas :)

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.
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