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#4819598 Aug 19, 2011 at 05:37 AM
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No doubt many of you have seen the thread at the Secret World forums regarding character ideas. I've posted mine here, but maybe a good way of getting to know each other is for us to post up your initial ideas for your character ingame.

Here's mine. Any thoughts/constructive criticisms/ideas would most welcome

NickName: Q
Name: Quentin Matthis
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 6'
Nationality: English
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Build: Looks like a rugby player
Hair: Short cropped dark blonde hair.
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Slight tan

Distinguishing Features: Small scar bisecting left eyebrow, intricate celtic tattoo on right shoulder, small chinese kanji tattoo on left shoulder symbolising chaos/anarchy, small tattoo on inside right forearm of a chinese dragon.

Clothing: Tends to wear tailored dark blue pin stripped suits, with white or pale blue shirt and open collar. Usually wears black ankle boots from Carredeckers in London. Always wears either tailored or bespoke clothing.

For specific purposes Q will wear black turtleneck cotton long sleeve shirts, black tactical trousers, tactical vest (if necessary)

Skills: Q is an expert computer cracker. He has designed and written his own code as well as utitlising various systems. He prides himself that there isn't an online computer in the world he can't access. Having worked for British Intelligence, he has had tradecraft, weapons and tactics training, and is highly intelligent, with a genius level IQ, and a photographic memory.

Weapons and Gear/Equipment: He tends to favour the Sig-Sauer P229 as a handgun, the IMI Tavor TAR-21 Israeli Assault Rifle for greater firepower if needed and the CheyTac Intervention for long distance soft target interdiction. Does not like melee weapons or knives, prefering to rely on his martial arts abilities, primarily a mix of Wing Chun and Tai Chi'Chuan.

Supernatural Abilities: He has only recently discovered that the supernatural exists and is real, and is pursuing knowledge of this with the same intensity that drove him in his hacking days. He has started to become adept at Chaos magic

Interests and Goals: Earlier in his life he was relentless in his quest to make sure no source of information was closed to him. His driving force is a boundless curiosity, and this has lead to his exploring more esoteric and hidden knowledge. He is driven to learn of the world behind our world and to work to maintain the balance. He is also fanatical about his martial arts skills and trains at least 2 hours a day, every day to perfect his technique.

Why Dragon?: Despite having been recruited and worked for SIS, he has always been an anarchist at heart, and he left the service after 15 years to pursue his own goals. He is financially set and wants for nothing, his thirst for knowledge has lead him into a fascination with chinese culture and through this he was first approached, then recruited to serve the Dragon as their goals mirror many of his own.

Background: Q was a child prodigy with computers and software, designing his first virus at 8, arrested at 11 for hacking into his local bank after they sent his mother a nasty letter regarding her overdraft. His talents were spotted early by the British Intelligence services, and he was recruited straight from Imperial College London after he graduated at 18 with a Masters in Software Design and Engineering.

He served in SIS as a hacker and intelligence analyst, occasionally venturing into the field for specific missions. He retired from SIS after a mission went badly wrong and the team he was with were ambushed and killed whilst he was in another location, working on another part of the mission. He barely escaped with his life and he has no wish to work for the government again, after he found out someone on is team had sold them out to the opposition.

He is somewhat paranoid now, in conjunction with being a very high functioning sociopath. He can and does have relationships and friends, but only on a fairly superficial level. He is far more interested in knowledge and information than people, whom he tends to see as either a distraction, a source of new information, or an obstacle to be overcome.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.
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Nice, he is some sort of magical Ip Man! =D
I'll come up with a new signature once we have decided on the new logo and other matters.
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My initial idea was to have him very far removed from his humanity at the start, because of his intelligence, and also his talent for computers. He is very distant emotionally, mainly because of lack of empathy. Many crackers/hackers are sociopathic to some degree in my opinion as they are only interested in what suits them and damn the consequences, a very sociopathic point of view.

I wanted him to slowly become more in touch with his humanity as he is recruited to serve the Dragon, and by his curiousity towards magic. The initial idea was that technology alienated him and made him sociopathic, and the more in touch he gets with his humanity, the more adept and able to control magic he becomes. The magic forces him to become more empathic, and therefore more human.

I also wanted him to be an information specialist/broker type character, using either his technological or magical skills to identify/research/uncover information. If I was playing him as a character in an RPG based in the TSW, I would justify his obsession with martial arts more for the mental discipline and meditative approach that it provides (hence the Tai Chi'Chuan) which help him access his magical talent. He then developed that interest into a working system of self-defence, hence the integration of a more striking, and counter-attacking style, Wing Chung. Both are chinese martial which ties into his interest in chinese culture.

He wouldn't at the beginning be an expert in handguns or rifles, although he would be competant having received training and would have practised some.

I envision him as a support character moving forwards, providing ranged and melee DPS, and using his magic to support his allies. He is capable enough to work on his own, but would probably work better in a team.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.
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Very cool, indeed! =D
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I like how you've planned his future evolution, and especially the magic/empathy connection. :)
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#4834062 Aug 22, 2011 at 10:43 AM
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Thanks Heed :)

I'm a huge fun of pen and paper RPG's. I run AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, and occasionally other systems, although those two are the ones I feel most at home with.

I see very much as an intelligence analyst with field skills to start with, and very basic magical knowledge, but driven to learn more about magic, both for his own curiosity and because he can feel it helping him to become more in touch with his emotions and humanity, something that he felt a lack of for quite some time.

This will hopefully give me a good starting point from where to place skill points and have a solid aim of where to develop the character.

Whenever I create a character for an RPG, I always start with the character's personality, aims, goals and development first. Then I look at skills or classes etc to see what fits best with the concept. Given that, I'll spend a fair amount of time with my first char working on how to understand the game systems and mechanics best to suit my play style, I thought it would be best to develop the character first, especially since this is going be a skills based game, and I can hopefully develop the character as I like, as the game progresses. That way I can concentrate on sorting out the game mechanics without having to think too hard about what I want to do with the character if this is already sorted :)

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.
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