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The Asian Man

Back in São Paulo. That weekend felt like a whole year. Lost a wife, gained super powers, killed monsters, saved lives and blew up a store. How was I gonna tell my family about it? Did she tell anyone about what happened? I came back just three days after her, but a lot of things can happen in three days. And they certainly do, I already found out about it.

My mother and father were waiting at the international airport in Guarulhos, a city next to São Paulo. When they saw me, alone, they didn't understand. I had to make up a good excuse. Luckily, I had three days and twelve hours, more or less, to do so.

"We had a fight."

I couldn't come up with anything better. For a lawyer, that was pretty ridiculous, but was enough. I looked truly sad, even if it wasn't for the reasons they bought, and so they didn't ask anymore questions.

A few days passed. I was back to work. No news from her. Might as well let some time pass... Maybe someday she will talk to me again. But, for now, I need to understand what happened.

Nobody at the office felt like asking me about my marriage, my honeymoon or the fact that I wasn't wearing a ring anymore. They didn't even notice. That's better, I guess. Feels like nobody cares, though.

One night, I believe a week after, I received a phonecall. A very weird one. A man, whose name I didn't get at the time, wanted to meet me. He said he had answers for the incidents that took place in Paris. I had to find out.

We met at the Chef Rouge, on Bela Cintra Street, close to the famous Paulista Avenue. Great french food. Great surprises too. An asian man and two other big guys were sitting at a table by the corner. The asian guy looked like a lawyer, while the others seemed to be bodyguards.

He introduced himself as Kenji, while the others kept silent. He smiled for the whole talk. At the beginning, I thought it was all a big bunch of lies. It sounded ridiculous. But, as he explained more and more, some things started to make sense. My "powers", the monsters, the ghosts only I could see.

My justified fear of the dark and the feeling I wasn't alone.

Something that night woke up my abilities and important people noticed. And this Kenji guy was sent to talk to me about it. To tell me I was part of something bigger than myself. Bigger than everything I knew. Bigger than everything I thought I knew.

Legends that were not just legends. Secret societies. I had been called by forces not known by those I thought were the most powerful people in the world. And everything led to a single piece of candy paper left to me by him on the table. The subtle, tiny symbol of a dragon's head wasn't a brand, but an answer. A whisper of a rumour of a shadow.

At the end, he told me he would make contact again, through a new cellphone and chip he gave me. Nobody should know about that cellphone, that conversation, anything. I should practice, more than ever, as my abilities would be needed soon. I had barely finished my dinner and he was already getting up.

"Pay this round, will ya?"
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Did you put this up at the old site? I never read much in the RP section... Good stuff!
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Thank you! I wrote it just now! =D

This is new material, to explain where Kenji comes from. More to come!
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