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The Vamp Lord is dead, who weeps for the fallen.

A long time ago, a small group of 'monsters' banded together in a sanctuary to live mortal lives free of being hunted or hated by society. Two brothers protected and lead the group.Nearby towns provided services and well paid. Innocents around the...
Member avatar small Alexis D'Amore 6y
Alexis D'Amore34344Small Shelly 6y
Off-Topic Chat

The Dessert Thread

Seeing how much people here love cakes and the like, I decided to start this thread. Here goes something to please your eyes: a Dark Forest Cake from Brazil!
Small Kalehon 6y
Kalehon95101Small Heed 6y
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Buying a New Rig

My trusty Envy 15 is getting old. So I have been looking around to price upgrades XOWhilst there are these inflated prices I thought I would go for more bang for my book and found these
Small Afocks 6y
Afocks33244Small Seven (aka meowminx) 6y
The Puzzle Vault

The Puzzle Puzzle

There's a new puzzle going on! There was an article about it @ CGN. The Superbowl Contest winners are receiving puzzle pieces in the mail with letters written on the back of them. (I haven't gotten mine yet! :*( ) They appear to show the image of....
Small Heed 6y
Heed185427Small Afocks 6y
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The Random Thread +

Vagrant started this much loved tradition on our old site in February 26th 2010 by explaining that he made and ate TWO double burgers with double cheese and double bacon on each. (Also on the burgers were with lettuce, ketchup and some burger sauc...
Small Heed 6y
Heed389045Small Heed 6y
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Favorite "Weird" Movies

So I finally tracked down Tetsuo: The Iron Man on DVD, and as I'm watching the bloody, nasty, trippy mess, I'm curious - what're all of your favorite "weird" movies?You know, in the vein of Cronnenberg, Lynch, Jodorowsky, etc. My personal favorit...
Small jadkni 6y
jadkni223587Small Kalehon 6y
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Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow

NickName: Blind Eyes Name: Frank BelcowSex: MaleAge: 30's-50's (Unsure, nobody knows his true age)Height: 6'Nationality: AmericanEthnic Background: CaucasianBuild: Skinny, Scarred and can tell has been torn apart in some areas then rehealedHair: M...
Small Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow 6y
Frank "Blind Eyes" Belcow51076Small Darkweaver 6y
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Character Bio :)

No doubt many of you have seen the thread at the Secret World forums regarding character ideas. I've posted mine here, but maybe a good way of getting to know each other is for us to post up your initial ideas for your character ingame.Here's mine...
Small Darkweaver 6y
Darkweaver71028Small Darkweaver 6y
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Linguistic Hedonism

I removed my Journal entries. They were presented in huge bold letters in the middle of the Home page and I don't want to horrify new visitors first thing as they come to the site. I'd like for them to feel welcome and safe before I horrify them.A...
Small Heed 6y
Heed6790Small Heed 6y
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Zombie Killing Games

I have noticed that a lot of you are playing zombie killing games on Steam. I don't own even one zombie killing game! I don't mind zombies. I actually feel kind of sorry for them. But I feel so left out now. I'm willing to socializingly kill some ...
Small Heed 6y
Heed7778Small Pattom 6y
Diaries, Chronicles and Secrets

Kalehon's Chronicles

The Asian ManBack in São Paulo. That weekend felt like a whole year. Lost a wife, gained super powers, killed monsters, saved lives and blew up a store. How was I gonna tell my family about it? Did she tell anyone about what happened? I came back ...
Small Kalehon 6y
Kalehon3704Small Kalehon 6y
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